Spring Newsletter “SIA Security Regulations”


Recently, a lot of security companies and security guards that are deployed by the company are facing sentences for various offences under the Private Security Industry Act 2001, and the Forgery and Counterfeiting Act 1981. In addition, in one particular case a security company went on to plead guilty at court for five offences that they had committed in relation to the supply of unlicensed security guards. The security company was sending them to five different construction sites over an 18 month period, involving seven unlicensed security guards being deployed in over 500 shifts. Security companies are also getting caught and pleading guilty for giving out false information and claiming to be an accredited SIA approved contractor, when they are not. Here at Skysharp Security Services Ltd we are an SIA approved contractor, you can check this on their website too. In the future, if you are to work for any security company, please check beforehand that they are a SIA approved contractor.

Moreover, some ‘security officers’ try using false SIA licenses. Keep in mind that we do not tolerate these actions taking part in our company. We make thorough checks before we employ any security guard, and check if the SIA license they have is valid by SIA or not. Fake CSCS cards can also be detected. Finally, a message I would like to send to all our staff is that if your SIA licenses are nearly expiring then please remember to update the license and renew it. The license expiry date is listed clearly on the SIA license.

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