The company’s policy is to ensure that all employees are trained and experienced to the extent necessary needed to undertake their assigned activities and responsibilities effectively. The company generally procure and recruits employees capable of meeting the technical, skill, experience and educational requirements of the company’s activities.

  • All our staff are fully vetted in accordance with ISO BS7858 by our CIPD qualified HR team prior to starting work.
  • Check on work permits are carried out.
  • Full records are maintained of all training undertaken by employees.
  • Applicants must pass interview procedure.

Training Policy: Skysharp security services basic initial training course must be completed by all employees. The training includes the:

  • Duties of a security Officer.
  • Dress and Conduct.
  • Assignment instructions.
  • Report and Incident reporting.
  • Emergency procedures.
  • Fire fighting equipment.
  • Patrolling to client requirements.
  • Local knowledge and environment.
  • Confidence and Image.
  • Clients/staff Officer Relationship.
  • Health and Safety.
  • Customer care.

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