Spring Newsletter, “Changes to SIA Regulations”

Spring Newsletter SIA Changes (Click Here) 

Spring is always a good time for looking forward and getting ready for better things to come, its traditionally a time for spring cleaning and makeovers. This time is also important that each of us look to the future and be prepared to capture the opportunities for success coming our way, and of course we must maintain the discipline as it will continue to serve you and our company as the the workload and pace increases.

On the 31st August the Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) will change its rules on the documents it will accept. Since our licensing process relies heavily on the Criminal Records Bureau our rules change as well.

The changes will include:

  • A UK adoption certificate is now classed as a group B document, NOT a group A document
  • We no longer accept the following document:
  • Mobile phone contract
  • TV licence
  • Certificate of British Nationality
  • Court Summons
  • Payslip


Further information regarding the rule changes can be found on the Security Industry Authority Website.

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