Autumn Newsletter, “Future of the Private Security Industry”

Autumn Newsletter 2012, Future of the Private Security Industry (Click Here)

The festive season is finally here; therefore I would like to personally wish everyone a happy and safe festive celebrations and thank you all for your hard work and effort throughout 2012. This year has undoubtedly been tough for all concerned, our customers have had to reign in on their budgets, pay increase has been aligned to low because of inflation and Skysharp has been challenged to come up with innovative ways of reducing costs and increasing value. It is times such as this that will dictate the future shape of the business and I am confident that coming 2013, the company will be in excellent shape..!

The Home Office have recently launched proposals for a new regulatory regime for the UK’s private security industry and is seeking views on the government’s preferred option for reforming the regulation of the private security industry.

Further details can be found on the link above.

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