Spring Newsletter “SIA Security Regulations”


Recently, a lot of security companies and security guards that are deployed by the company are facing sentences for various offences under the Private Security Industry Act 2001, and the Forgery and Counterfeiting Act 1981. In addition, in one particular case a security company went on to plead guilty at court for five offences that they had committed in relation to the supply of unlicensed security guards. The security company was sending them to five different construction sites over an 18 month period, involving seven unlicensed security guards being deployed in over 500 shifts. Security companies are also getting caught and pleading guilty for giving out false information and claiming to be an accredited SIA approved contractor, when they are not. Here at Skysharp Security Services Ltd we are an SIA approved contractor, you can check this on their website too. In the future, if you are to work for any security company, please check beforehand that they are a SIA approved contractor.

Moreover, some ‘security officers’ try using false SIA licenses. Keep in mind that we do not tolerate these actions taking part in our company. We make thorough checks before we employ any security guard, and check if the SIA license they have is valid by SIA or not. Fake CSCS cards can also be detected. Finally, a message I would like to send to all our staff is that if your SIA licenses are nearly expiring then please remember to update the license and renew it. The license expiry date is listed clearly on the SIA license.

Winter Newsletter “Paris Terrorist Attacks and the Security Industry”

WINTER 2016 “Terrorism”

In regards to the recent events that have occurred in Paris, as a security company we want to reinforce the message of the government to all our staff. It is crucial, that if any issue is to arise please report to the anti-terrorist hotline. In addition, us being a part of the EU and having links with the Paris, means that the UK is in a high risk of attack. Moreover, if by any means you witness something or are aware of any terrorist related actions occurring, call the anti-terrorist hotline on 0800 789 321. All of our SIA approved security officers are fully trained and have approved qualifications one of which is counter terrorism awareness, along with looking out for hostile reconnaissance. As a company we will be doing our best to go over this with our security officers in order to refresh their memories and make them more aware of what to do if situations were to occur during their work place. Here at Skysharp Security Services, we all are one team and here to help and guide each other. If you require any more information, or have any questions in regards to this situation and how you could be more informed in how to deal with it, please do not hesitate to ask us.


Autumn Newsletter “Thank You to all Security Operatives, Supervisors, Management and Staff”

AUTUMN 2015 “Thanking all the Staff at Skysharp Security Services”

Summer has come to an end but I must say what a busy summer it has been. I thank all the staffs, from the office workers to all our Security Operatives, as your team work and dedication is part of the reason we have done this well.
Thank You all .
Jaz Sandhu (Managing Director)

Summer Newsletter “Our Business is to Protect Yours Business”

SUMMER 2015 “Our Business is to Protect Your Business”

Summer is here, time for us all to make the most of the sun, have fun and enjoy all that we have achieved so far. We should use this time out to reflect on where it all started for Skysharp security and your businesses.
Furthermore, I hope you enjoy these summer holidays while they last as after it is back to hard work and dedication.
Jaz Sandhu (Managing Director)

Spring Newsletter “From 1 January 2015, new Security Industry Authority courses and qualifications will be introduced for SIA licence applicants’’

SPRING 2015 – SPRING 2015 Newsletter “From 1 January 2015, new Security Industry Authority courses and qualifications will be introduced for SIA licence applicants’’

Spring is here and what a good time to get ready for bigger and better things to come. We should all focus on taking the opportunities that wait ahead of us and use them to our advantage, allowing the chance for future success.

On this note , good luck to you all and cheers to all great things ahead for Skysharp and each of you.


Autumn Newsletter “East London Business Expo…A Success”


Newsletter Autumn 2013 “East London Business Expo a Success” (Click Here)

As we approach the Christmas season, with all the joy, excitement and merriment, I am delighted to extend season greetings to all the clients, stakeholders and friends. On the 16th October 2013 Skysharp Solutions proudly exhibited itself at the East London Business Expo, which had over 50 other different companies at the event. The expo was located at Gale Street Dagenham and three employees from Skysharp represented the company and we showcased our services and the security market and engaged with visitors to answer enquires and increase brand awareness.

Skysharp Solutions also announce that we have now ventured into electronic security and further increased our services in Intruder Alarms, CCTV, and Remote Monitoring services. We use the highest standards in electronic surveillance and this service has been a popular demand for some time and we are happy to inform you that we can deliver a cost effective solution to our clients as well as consulting, installing and monitoring CCTV at a cheap cost.

Summer Newsletter, “Audit Passed!!!”

Newsletter Summer 2013 SIA Passed (Click Here)

We have passed our SIA audit and have scored higher marks then ever before, the auditor was very pleased with the company’s performance and the quality assurance practises. He was equally please with the warm welcome he received from the management and he stated that “the company’s performance in regards to the structure and management has improved substantially from give years ago.” The Auditor was very please with every department from the Operations, HR Management to the Security Officers.

Also The Security Industry Authority has also recently announced that they are developing a new and easier way for individual applicants to apply for their SIA licence. An agreement has been signed with the Post Office to launch the new service. The service will be introduced this autumn and will make applying for a new SIA licence easier and cheaper; applicants will no longer need to routinely send in documents and a photograph, which can be costly and inconvenient.

Source: http://www.sia.homeoffice.gov.uk/Pages/about-news.aspx?newsid=413&ArtTypeID=12


Spring Newsletter, “Changes to SIA Regulations”

Spring Newsletter SIA Changes (Click Here) 

Spring is always a good time for looking forward and getting ready for better things to come, its traditionally a time for spring cleaning and makeovers. This time is also important that each of us look to the future and be prepared to capture the opportunities for success coming our way, and of course we must maintain the discipline as it will continue to serve you and our company as the the workload and pace increases.

On the 31st August the Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) will change its rules on the documents it will accept. Since our licensing process relies heavily on the Criminal Records Bureau our rules change as well.

The changes will include:

  • A UK adoption certificate is now classed as a group B document, NOT a group A document
  • We no longer accept the following document:
  • Mobile phone contract
  • TV licence
  • Certificate of British Nationality
  • Court Summons
  • Payslip


Further information regarding the rule changes can be found on the Security Industry Authority Website.